The following represents questions one should ask when creating a questionnaire.

What does the question contribute?

Each question included in the questionnaire, should contribute significantly to acquiring relevant information for the researcher. The questionnaire should be assessed prior, so as to ensure that all the questions present are relevant and if not, irrelevant questions removed.

How many questions are needed to comprehensively attain required information?

After we decide that a particular question is necessary, we must further determine if it is sufficient to reveal the extent of what the researcher desires. In cases where one question cannot adequately explain a phenomenon, the researcher is advised to use follow up questions. Example, if your answer to question 1 is yes move to question 3, where question 3 is a follow up to question 1.

How aware is your sample on the underlying issue being studied?

These things happen all the time, where people ask the right questions, but to the wrong persons. Just ensure that you ask the right questions to the right people!! The Pilot study could be utilized in this context to check the level of awareness of the target group on the issue being studied.

What is the date on the information that you are requesting?

Researchers should not ask questions that are difficult to remember, that is, questions should be easily recalled by the majority of respondents. Questions that are difficult to remember, will more than likely lead to errors and eventually incorrect conclusions/recommendations.

There are several other questions that one may ask, however, we will allow you the reader to share with us what you would ask. Looking forward to seeing your comments!

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