Conduct your own survey! Balcostics’ quick guide

What is a survey?

It is  the systematic/structured gathering of information from a sample/ proportion of individuals for the main purpose of making conclusions/predictions about a larger population/group.

Prior to starting a survey, one should…

  • Define a clear purpose for the survey
  • Create research objectives/research questions you intend to answer
  • Decide on a methodology to collect the data required

 Some popular ways of administering a survey:

  1. online websites
  2. emails
  3. face to face
  4. mail post
  5. telephone

In general, the method used to administer a survey questionnaire is dependent on….

  • The budget – estimated costs of completing the project
  • The target population – population size will influence the sample selection
  • The sample size – administering approaches vary base on the sample size
  • The timeline – how quickly the data is required does affect the method selected

Once you have completed administering and collecting your data, remember to contact balcostics if you require assistance with the analysis and presentation of your findings.


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