Jamaican Entrepreneurs are not in it solely for the money!

Only about 1 in 10 Jamaican entrepreneurs saw the possibility of great financial reward as the main driver (impetus) for starting their own business – The Jamaica SMEs Survey Report 2013.

1in10 entrepreneurs

Jamaican entrepreneurs were more motivated by the mindset of actually owning a business – it was a “personal goal” (35%). In  addition, there were some who “saw the market opportunity” (34%) and those who wanted to find the “freedom that owning a business allows” (16%). More males were in it for the freedom, while more females saw it as a personal goal.

Entrepreneurs are social beings who are not fully understood based on their complete and blatant need for actualizing the possibility of a business idea. This is what we found to be the main fiber that connects the Jamaican entrepreneur to those of the world, not the money!

Written by: Shanna Kaye Wright (Balcostics’ Team Member)

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One Response to Jamaican Entrepreneurs are not in it solely for the money!

  1. john lindsay says:

    Having been an entrepreneur for many years, I find this report a little surprising. As with most of the people I know that have started businesses, see making big money as a by product of the more tangible goals the report alludes to.

    I would also note that for most entrepreneurs in my experience, the hours worked for the total income gleaned, most often make them quite poorly paid comnpared to those on a payroll.


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