On February 26 we published an article titled, “The ‘Data Problem’ hampering Jamaica’s Court System“. Today, Donovan Ferguson examines possible solutions – over to Donovan:

I am of the view that now is the best possible time to correct this problem; here are my reasons for saying this:

1. Jamaica now has an advance telecommunication system. (3 Tier data centers, Fiber optic networks, 4G WIFI solutions).

2. Jamaica has numerous well trained, yet unemployed professionals, plus we have approximately six universities and other colleges that can aid with training.

3. A large diaspora estimated to be two million between North America and Europe, which would be more than willing and able to contribute financially if a comprehensive plan and implementation roadmap was developed.

Engage with Caribbean Diaspora

For example, the Government could create a program that all or part of its diaspora could contribute to a crime fighting and justice modernization fund and intern, contributors would receive a special 5% discount on the transaction fees and taxes of any future property purchases in Jamaica.  If 1 million contributors, donated $15 USD per month  = $15 million USD per month; or If 2 million contributors, donated $15 USD per month  = $30 million USD per month, in five years, Jamaica could easily have the most comprehensive and efficient justice and crime prevention system if we’re able to tap into the resources of our diaspora.This initiative will provide a two-fold benefit.

Barriers to Caribbean diaspora engagement1. Monies raised from donations can be used to develop state of the art crime lab, modern police stations with the necessary equipment and competent professional personnel, an all Island video surveillance system, modern efficient Court facilities, and finally a first world witness protection system.

2. There are many philanthropic individuals and organizations that would be willing to partner with Jamaica in its quest to create a comprehensive and efficient justice and crime prevention system.

3. Install solar electric system and energy efficient LED in courts, police stations and Ministry of Justice facilities as a measure for reducing operating cost. 

4. Employ retired Scotland Yard, Canadian mounted police and Australian police officers to help train and mentor new Jamaican Police Officers.

5. Hire only College graduates with a bachelors degree or higher to work for the Ministry of justice and the police force.

6. Review and modernize all existing laws. 

Contributed by: Donovan Ferguson.  BSTM, ACMT

Mr. Ferguson is a Jamaican who lives in the USA. He attends the  Western Governor’s University pursuing a MBA- IT management and working as a lead Apple Tech at Microelectronics.

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