Vybz Kartel dataWith several local and international publications and online discussions surrounding the recent conviction of popular dancehall entertainer Vybz Kartel, we got the idea to examine online “interest” in ‘Vybz Kartel’ from 2004 to present (March 2014).

According to Google, interest in ‘Vybz Kartel’ peaked twice over the period (2004 – 2014), in October 2011 (Vybz Kartel’s initial arrest) & again in March 2014 (after the conviction of Vybz Kartel).    

Looking at the data:

Vybz kartel 1

Online interest peaked in October 2011 – Vybz Kartel arrest (98 out of a maximum ranking of 100)

Vybz kartel 222

Online interest declined during Vybz Kartel’s trial before returning to it’s peak in March 2014 – Vybz Kartel murder conviction (100 out of a maximum ranking of 100).

Vybz kartel 333

Top 5 regions by online interest rankings:

Vybz kartel 4

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