The 12th China-LAC business summit was held in Zhuhai China, from the 1st of November to the 3rd. Balcostics Research was among two Jamaican MSMEs selected by Connect Americas (an IDB branch) to participate in this, the 12th staging.

The conference was held in the Guangzhou province, in the city of Zhuhai – this is where the World’s longest (through the sea) bridge was recently opened. This bridge connects Hong Kong to Main Land China, and is approximately 55 Kilometers long. For context, Mandeville to Kingston is approximately 91 km.

Registration commenced from October 31st, this was followed by the opening ceremony on November 1st, where we met our Minister & Ambassador to China.   

Day 2 begun with matchmaking sessions, which were mostly organized prior via the Summit’s website. MSMEs from LAC were paired with businesses & organizations operating in China to explore possibilities for future trade in services or products.

After matchmaking sessions ended around midday, the exhibition hall was opened to the public.

Our third & final day ended with an official tour of the new ‘China-LAC Economic & Trade Corporation Park’ – we also visited a temple 🙂   

Overall, this was an eyeopening experience for us in so many ways. We’re truly grateful to Connect Americas’ & the IDB for this opportunity and we planted some seeds that we hope will bear fruit in the future.

At Balcostics our mission is to empower leaders with the required data and information to make better decisions. Want to learn more about our research services for individuals and companies: Click here

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