Since 2011 when we started Balcostics, we’ve frequently mused about bringing our capacities (Law & Research) under one roof/ brand. As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, this dream is now realized. That is, thanks to Covid we had sufficient time to cogitate & assess explicitly how integrating our operations would make us more efficient, while also benefiting our clients/ customers. The services industry continues to evolve and we believe Balcostics is now well positioned to maximize opportunities as they arise.

Balcostics Brand

The Balcostics brand is known for quick & efficient, high-quality, fair-cost, B2B & B2C services. This remains true today and we strongly believe synergies from this integration, stand to benefit our new & returning clients, even much more.

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We have plans to continue growing our service offerings, but with our customer centric culture, we will proceed cautiously before forming/ announcing any new partnerships.

Almost one Decade

Next year (August 2021) will make it 10 years since Balcostics was formed and we’re thankful to all our many temporary and regular employees for their dedication and support for the first decade of our existence. We are also grateful to all our families and friends who have showed their support over these years (through the good & bad times).

Despite the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic (all our major research projects have been delayed), we’re very optimistic for the future and what the next 10 years will offer.

Learn more about Balcostics Law here. Note: you can schedule your online legal consultation here, if you have any legal issue(s) to discuss.

Balcostics Ed

At Balcostics Research, our aim is to empower leaders with the required data & information to make better decisions. Our Research Management & Outsourcing services support Organizations & Consultants with project execution: Learn More

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