Balcostics Ltd started as a Data Collection, Analysis & Survey company. The company was incorporated in 2011 by Luwayne Thomas and Abi-Gaye White – both then students at the University of the West Indies. Balcostics Research came out of a need for research assistance for Master’s & PHD students struggling with data analysis & data entry in SPSS.

Balcostics Research was formed in August of 2011, bringing to fruition a desire that had matured. In June 2020, we added Balcostics Law to the fold. Balcostics Law, represents another major milestone that have been in the making for several years, and thanks to the Covid-19 lock-down, we took the initiative to integrate legal services into our Balcostics’ offerings. Learn more here


Balcostics Research Mission

Our mission is to empower leaders with the required data & information to make better decisions.

Balcostics Law 

Balcostics Law provide high quality, efficient & cost effective legal services to Jamaicans home & abroad (across the Caribbean, USA, UK & Canada etc.)

Our role goes beyond providing mere legal advice but we also want to create a hub for all law related activities which can be accessed digitally anywhere in the world. Therefore, our clients/ potential clients across the diaspora will be able to access important legal information in a secure digital meeting space.

Balcostics Law Mission: 

To providing quality legal services of the highest possible standard in a caring and efficient environment.

Balcostics Ed

The story Continues…

Our story is still being written, and we’re looking forward to even more exciting times ahead.

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At Balcostics Research, our aim is to empower leaders with the required data & information to make better decisions. Our Research Management & Outsourcing services support Organizations & Consultants with project execution: Learn More