For Organizations/ Companies/ Consultants:

  • Baseline & Endline Surveys; Monitoring & Evaluation Surveys; Attitude & Perception surveys; Beneficiary Evaluation/ Assessment; Staff Satisfaction Surveys; Likelihood of Confusion Surveys
  • Data Collection in Jamaica: our team would be responsible for project management, recruitment & training of interviewers, field work logistics, Data Collection & Entry (CAPI or CATI), quality assurance, verification/ validation
  • Data Analysis: Where the client submit their database(s) for Statistical Analysis & Presentation of findings

Individuals/ Consultants:   

  • Data analysis  – quantitative data analysis methods (parametric & non-parametric)
  • Consultations re research methodology, sample size selection, data analysis and interpretation
  • Data collection/ Data Mining & processing (in either R-statistics/ SPSS/ Excel) of survey questionnaires, evaluation forms, appraisals
  • Administration & Management of Online/ mobile Surveys
  • Data Visualization & Presentation (using PPT, animation & illustrative videos)

Balcostics Ed

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