Balcostics Services & Packages

Balcostics Ltd is a data analysis and research outsourcing company. Our services include Data Analysis, Data Collection (quantitative & qualitative), Data Entry, Focus Groups and Surveys. Our research packages include:



Surveys Include drafting survey instruments, data collection, data entry, data analysis and reporting.
Fieldwork & Data Entry Data Collection and Data Entry on behalf of client (input in SPSS/ Excel software)
Data Entry & Analysis Completed questionnaires are collected and entered into Statistical software. Analysis & reporting of data then follow
Focus Group Full This includes recruitment of participants, conducting focus group sessions with recordings and analysing the data by themes.
Focus Group Collection We will recruit participants and conduct the focus group sessions. The recordings would then be sent to the client for analysis.


Balcostics company research solutions

Organizations/ Small & Medium Size businesses:

  • Staff Satisfaction Surveys
  • Baseline Surveys
  • Likelihood of Confusion Surveys

Balcostics Individual research solutions

Individuals/ Consultants:   

  • Data analysis  – quantitative data analysis methods (parametric & non-parametric)
  • Consultations re research methodology, sample size selection, data analysis and interpretation
  • Data entry (SPSS and/or Excel) – survey questionnaires, evaluation forms, appraisals
  • Data gathering/ collection
  • Administration of Online Surveys – data gathering, analysis and presentation
N.B. Continuous updating of services to serve you our customers better

At Balcostics our mission is to empower decision makers with the required data and information to make better decisions. Learn more about our full list of research outsourcing services for individuals and companies: Click here

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