Top 5 Dancehall Artists online (Fun Stats)

The animated video below (showing the Top 5 male & Female Dancehall artists on YouTube & Instagram) is the first in our fun stats series of animation and illustration videos. We hope you find the information interesting and insightful.

Data Collection in August Town

Over a three day period (October 12-14) , team Balcostics was in the community of August Town interviewing residents. Thank you to the residents of this community for their warm welcome. Here are photo highlights from our visits:     At Balcostics our mission is to empower leaders with the required data and information to make…

What you think you know: Compare to Statistical Facts

In this very insightful TedTalk, Alan Smith outlined the false dichotomy that there are only two types of people: those who're good with numbers & those who're not.

Data Collection on Pedro Cays

Over a two day visit to Pedro Cays (November 6th to 8th), which is about 80 km south and southwest of Jamaica, our team collected data through face-to-face interviews with fisherfolks. Here are some highlights from our trip: Transportation The only means of transportation to Pedro Cays is by boat (or helicopter). Thanks to Captain Dennis who…

Fish Sanctuaries: Ensuring Jamaica’s Future Fish Supply

Recently we concluded a survey among fisherfolks across seven (7) fish sanctuaries in Jamaica

Why we make bad decisions [Video]

Dan Gilbert presents research and data from his exploration of happiness — sharing some surprising tests and experiments that you can also try on yourself. Watch through to the end for a sparkling Q&A with some familiar TED faces.

Jamaica’s biggest problems are opportunities

Recently I read a post on LinkedIn titled "We need our brightest people working on our biggest problem ". The post was written by Bill Gates, who made reference to his foundation and their fight to eradicate polio and other global diseases . Problems are opportunities disguised! Living in Jamaica, we can all relate to…

Understanding Dependent & Independent Variables #Animation

In doing research and data analysis, many have struggled with differentiating between the dependent and independent variables when running statistical tests and/or experiments. A clear understanding of these two concepts will play a major role in an individual's thinking as a researcher/ experimenter. This animation seeks to address this common challenge of differentiating between the independent & dependent variables…

Market Research Basics

The following question was asked on Quora: "How do you conduct market research?" This answer by Cate Riegner, was as simple and concise as we could do, so here is it: "Think in terms of different methodologies and consider which ones are right for your needs at various stages of business development, product development and marketing:…