Data Collection on Pedro Cays

Over a two day visit to Pedro Cays (November 6th to 8th), which is about 80 km south and southwest of Jamaica, our team collected data through face-to-face interviews with fisherfolks. Here are some highlights from our trip:


The only means of transportation to Pedro Cays is by boat (or helicopter). Thanks to Captain Dennis who brought us from Treasure Beach St Elizabeth in a 3-hour boat ride (Speed Boat) and the Jamaica Defence Force Coast Guard who took us back to Kingston in a 7-hour boat ride.


We spent two nights in this hurricane proof camp thanks to The Nature Conservancy.


Hundreds of fisherfolks make their living from Pedro Bank, we’re grateful they took some time out to share with us.

We are concerned about the unsanitary conditions on Middle Cay as there are no bathroom facilities for the fishermen and garbage pollution is a serious issue.

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