Balcostics is a Jamaican-based Research Management company specializing in data analysis and research outsourcing. Our services include Baseline/ Feasibility surveys, Attitude & Perception surveys, Staff Satisfaction Surveys, Monitoring & Evaluation Studies, Raw Data Analysis, Data Collection (quantitative & qualitative) and Data Entry. At Balcostics, our mission is to empower leaders with the required data and information to make better decisions. Better decisions we hope will do the following:

  1. Benefit our community
  2. Make our country prosperous
  3. Foster sustainable long-term development
  4. Make the world a better place for future generations

Balcostics’ utilizes innovative and systematic research approaches to design methodologies, capture insights and explore survey data. We have worked with many local and international organizations across various fields

To increase the use of scientific research methodologies in data analysis and interpretation in Jamaica, the region and the rest of the world; focusing on continued satisfaction of clients, through excellent customer service and ever improving processes and product offerings.

Our aim is to bring systematic research and data analysis to individuals, firms and establishments who have for whatever reason being unable to utilize research to better their situation, competitiveness, awareness and overall profitability.