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Balcostics Research is a research Management & outsourcing company. Balcostics was started in 2011 by Luwayne Thomas and Abi-Gaye White – both then students at the University of the West Indies. Balcostics came out of a need for research assistance for students struggling with data analysis and data entry projects.

Balcostics Research was formed in August of 2011, bringing to fruition a desire that had matured. In June 2020, we added Balcostics Law to the fold. Balcostics Law, represents another major milestone that have been in the making for several years, and thanks to the Covid-19 lock-down, we finally took the initiative to integrate legal services into our Balcostics’ offerings.

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Expanding for maximum efficiency: welcome Balcostics Law

Since 2011 when we started Balcostics, we’ve frequently mused about bringing our capacities (Law & Research) under one roof/ brand. As a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic, this dream is now realized. That is, thanks to Covid we had sufficient time to cogitate & assess explicitly how integrating our operations would make us more efficient, while also benefiting our clients/ customers. The services industry continues to evolve and we believe Balcostics is now well positioned to maximize opportunities as they arise.

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Jamaica’s biggest problems are opportunities

Recently I read a post on LinkedIn titled “We need our brightest people working on our biggest problem “. The post was written by Bill Gates, who made reference to his foundation and their fight to eradicate polio and other global diseases .

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