Jamaica’s Population Census 2011: Infographics

Jamaica’s population grew from 2,607,632 (2.608 million) persons in 2001 to 2, 697, 983 (2.698 million) in 2011. This represents a 3.5% increase in the total population size over the period (2001 – 2011). The following shows a breakdown of 2011 population by parish:

See full copy of ‘Population and Housing Census 2011: General report’ by clicking here: view report


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3 Responses to Jamaica’s Population Census 2011: Infographics

  1. xenogy says:

    Very good presentation of the census data. However It would be nice get a further breaker down of the percentage increase per parish, which would enable one to see which parish parish population size grew the most or less over the period. Thus allowing for some deliberation as why the population size of some parish increase more that others, whether this is purely due to actual birth or migration, etc. Keep up the good work.


  2. nadine says:

    The population census for 2012 is available. Please update.


    • Even though being published in 2012, the new census is for 2011. Thanks for sharing however.


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